Chipotle Smoked Jalapeno Pickled Garlic

A smoked jalapeno flavor. Medium heat!


Try the intensely good chipotle-smoked jalapeno pickled garlic from Rabbit’s Pickled Garlic. This picked garlic’s medium heat will activate your taste buds in a way you never imagined possible. The perfect blend of spicy jalapeno peppers and smoky chipotle sauce makes for one of the best garlic tastes you can imagine. Our customers love the great taste of Chipotle garlic, and you’re sure to get one taste of this flavor and wish you’d ordered more! Well, you’re in luck – we’ve got plenty in stock, not to mention our other flavors to choose from that are equally as good. You will never look at garlic the same way again after trying our five delicious flavors of pickled garlic! Order your jar of chipotle-smoked pickled garlic today!