Homemade Pickled Garlic

Hi everyone, my name is Bunny and I am the owner and creator of Rabbit’s Pickle Garlic. We’ve been in business for the past 10 years. My husband Jim (for 50 years and counting) is my right hand man and main taste tester. Our family helps when they can to help make a product we’re proud of. It took awhile to get every flavor to our satisfaction but from the response of our customers, I think we’ve done a great job! We have multiple recipes and serving suggestions on our website. One of the most popular is a dip we make. We use cream cheese in our commercial product but our customers use all kinds of soft cheeses if they make it themselves. Super easy and quick! One of the best recipes on our site is using the smoke flavor to make garlic mashed potatoes. YUM!! My husband also likes to put hard boiled eggs in any one of the brines for a week. Very tasty! Another bonus to eating the garlic is its well-known health benefits. It can help with the common cold, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help with Alzheimers/dementia, fights infection, stimulates the immune system and many more. It’s even been known to repel mosquitos. My husbands favorite! Also, don’t throw the brine away as it has multiple health benefits as well ie. acid reflux, helps regulate blood sugar, osteoporosis, etc. etc. Now that I’ve whet your appetite give us a call (406) 239-4772 or check us out on line. Your body will be glad you did. Thank you so much, Bunny