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Health Benefits of Garlic
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Garlic contains many flavonoid anti-oxidants like carotene beta, zea-xanthin, and vitamins like Vitamin-C. Vitamin C which helps the body develop a better resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful, proinflammatory free radicals.

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Garlic is a common cooking ingredient that is essential in many recipes because of its distinct flavor.

Ahhhhh, garlic. We can smell it now.

Rabbit’s Pickled Garlic offers a delicious little taste of Western hospitality in every jar. Our wide variety of pickled garlic is available in a range of different flavors, each made with passion and care, which brings us to the company name.

Why “Rabbit” you ask? Our founder is named Bunny, and her husband has always addressed every card to her with “To Rabbit.” This little endearing name has been a sentimental attachment, and preserving those moments and memories is the same kind of care and love that we put into each jar of pickled garlic. Our job here is to preserve tasty foods, and we put everything into doing it because we care about our food spreading the same joy that we get from creating it. That care and passion is how Bunny runs Rabbit’s Pickled Garlic, so the pet loving name her husband gave to her reflects the love that is put into our work. She has been lucky enough to turn her hobby that she is so passion about into her job. That passion is contagious from the founder, to the employees and last but certainly not least, to the customers.

We are based in a humble town in Montana where some years ago, Bunny first made her recipe for “dilly beans” and her kids could not get enough of it. She had never seen kids devour vegetables as if they were candy before. It turns out that the garlic cloves in the recipe were really what were driving the kids crazy. They loved it! When Bunny saw the look of joy on their faces, she knew she had created something special. If her kids loved the recipe then surely others would too. Bunny is a farm girl and has been canning fruits, vegetables and other foods for more than 40 years. She has combined her experience with her warm demeanor and that was how Rabbit’s Pickled Garlic began.

We have maintained the same hospitality and attention to care and quality with every jar of pickled garlic today as we have since it first making it all those years ago. The only difference is that now we get to share our foods beyond just our immediate family – now we get to share our mouth-watering pickled garlic flavors with you!

Our pickled garlic for sale comes in many different flavors, each just as delectable as the last. Not only is our garlic delicious, but it is also very good for you. The original flavor that first went to market is canned spicy dill garlic. It was the flavor used that night when Bunny made her kids some “dilly beans” to go with dinner. The spicy dill was so successful that we began to take suggestions of flavors people wanted to try. We are not just a business. We want to hear what you want. We want our pickled garlic to make you happy and the best way to do that is by crowd sourcing.

We now have five tantalizing flavors – all canned and made in Montana – that will leave you wanting more. Our Mild Smoke flavored garlic has the perfect subtle hint of our Western roots, while our two different types of Fiery Habanero will leave those brave enough to try it feeling accomplished. It is not for the faint of heart, but it is certainly special and packs a tasty punch. We also have a Chipotle Jalapeno garlic, which has a great kick that is not too intense giving it a very wide appeal.
Pretty soon we will be selling pickled beets that are guaranteed to make your tastebuds dance! While you’re enjoying all of these amazing flavors, just know that they are much healthier for you than most snacks. We have had customers try our garlic while experiencing cold symptoms and the spicy flavor opened up their sinuses and made them feel fresh and clear! Our pickled garlic is truly a win-win product!

Rabbit’s Pickled Garlic is also a fantastic gift idea for holidays, special occasions or simply as a nice gesture. Food positively stimulates our senses of taste and smell, making us feel good and loved, and with the bold and unparalleled taste that comes with our canned, pickled garlic varieties, your recipient is sure to fall in love with the bold and spicy flavor. Our original recipe was created by a loving mother feeding her kids, and we are proud that Rabbit’s Pickled Garlic is still spreading love and joy throughout Montana and beyond.

We are rooted in the great state of Montana, and that wholesome farmland influence is present in every jar of our pickled garlic. People seem to love what we are all about and no matter where they are from, our pickled garlic is appealing to all of our customers. There is nothing but love and positivity associated with our fine product, and we hope that you’ll find the great flavors packed with personal care into every can is every bit as enjoyable as we think it is. Rabbit’s Pickled Garlic is a wonderful, personal and delicious little piece of the great state of Montana. Shop our selection online now and order your pickled garlic today!